Salamon's Neuroanatomy and Neurovasculature Web-Atlas Resource

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Below is an example of how a page might look like. Certain portions are labelled to show where to find things.


1. Navigation Cluster- Links to the homepage (other viewing portals) are found in the upper portion, and links to the subcategories within the portal you are currently viewing are found in the lower. The graphical icon on the left hand side of the Navigation Cluster can be used to link back to the first page of the particular chapter you are looking at.

2. Navigation Bar and Locator- Most pages can be navigated by using the and buttons. If they are grey in color, like so: and , it means you are exiting the current section and proceeding to the previous/next one. Or, you may wish to travel the pages numerically by using the links in the middle of the Navigation Bar (tinted blue in the picture). There is a second navigation bar on below the Informational Slide. The Locator (green) tells you exactly where you are, in case you lose your place. Think of it as a "You are here" marker on maps.

Note: In the quiz sections, there are two ways to navigate the pages. You may use the Navigation Bar to bypass trying out the questions for yourself. This will be useful if you want a rapid review. However, it would be wise to use the interactive links below the the Informational Slide, to see if you can answer the questions correctly for yourself. So if you do not want to see the answers prematurely, do not use the Navigation Bar.

3. Informational Slide- The information you are interested in will be displayed here.